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Cricket World Cup 2019 Qualification Scenarios.

As the ICC Cricket World 2019 enters its final stage, it is becoming clearer who the four world cup semi-finalists would be. Currently, Australia, New Zealand, India and England are at the top of the world cup points table.

Out of these, Australia, New Zealand and India are very likely to be the top three world cup semi-finalists. However, the teams will still be required to win all their remaining matches to confirm their position. Their match result will also have an impact on the remaining teams and the possible fourth team. India and New Zealand are the only two unbeaten teams in the ICC World Cup 2019. Sri Lanka is likely to be the fourth semi-finalist.
Who can be the fourth world cup semi-finalist?
The major upset caused by Sri Lanka with a win over England has thrown open the door for the fourth semi-finalist in ICC World Cup 2019. England, which started out as one of the firm title favourites, is on the verge of falling out of the semi-final league. The team currently has 8 points from six matches and its remaining three matches are against the top three teams- Australia, India, New Zealand. If it loses its remaining matches, England will be stuck to 8 points.