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What does the Best Optional for IAS mean?

I am sure it means differently to different people but what does it mean to you:

  • A scoring optional?
  • The most popular optional?
  • Easy to understand or which you find interesting?
  • Subject with easy availability of study materials like books and notes?
  • Optional for which one ‘best’ coaching is available?
  • Subject with some previous base in graduation or post-graduation?
  • The optional with the best results in the CSE exam?

I hope I have covered all the points that majority of the CSE aspirants consider before selecting the right optional for Mains. Obviously, you might consider only one of the above points as the basis for selecting your Mains optional or consider multiple criteria. So let’s take them up one by one.

A Popular Optional

Optionals that come within this definition are , Public Ad, Sociology, History, and Psychology. These four IAS optionals alone account for about 50 percent share of the Mains pie and the rest 22 optionals, taking Literature subjects as one, for the rest.

This gives you some idea about the ‘popular optionals for IAS’. But why are these optionals so popular while the rest aren’t so popular? Here are some reasons:

  • Subjects like Pub Ad and Geog have definite syllabus and Pub Ad has quite limited syllabus especially for P2 so you can cover it within 5 months or so.
  • You require limited coaching for Pub Ad as most of the syllabus involves self-study.
  • The History optional for IAS is quite popular simply because there are so many History post graduates and even graduates with history as a subject. Also we all studied History as part of our school curriculum and most of us found it interesting and some, even scoring
  • Sociology is easy to understand and very interesting as the topics covered concern the very society we are a part of.
  • The subject should..
    • Excite you
    • Make you know more about it
    • Should not put you to sleep
    • Make you think out of the box
    • Have books available easily
  • So how about the coaching criteria?

    Before deciding to select an optional on the basis of the coaching available first determine whether you require coaching in the first place? You must’ve realized this can only be determined after you’ve selected an optional,