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Public Administration

How to prepare Public Administration optional for IAS/KAS

 Strategy for Public Administration (Optional) Paper

Facts about Public Administration

The most important thing in this optional is Conceptual Clarity

The correct interpretation of question will only happen if your concepts are clear.

In the last two years, UPSC/PSCs have deliberately increased the difficulty level of question paper as they are more interested in those students who have conceptual clarity and ability to write those concepts in a simple manner. For that, you need to study UNDER GOOD GUIDE/ACADEMY so that you develop good understanding of the subject.  Books recommended are:

Polinaidu; M. Laximikant; B.L Fadia; Sharma and Sadana; Avasthi & Maheshwari and Rajni Goyal etc. All of them are equally good but whichever book you are studying, study it well, study it multiple times, apart from Class Notes.

How to write answer in Public Administration Optional?

Answer writing is very important in Civil Service Exams. You must write some answers before mains and show it your optional trainer/mentor to evaluate.

Write answer in point format as much as possible so that you can fit more content in few lines. Remember, your answers will be more concise and to the point which will be helpful for the examiner to evaluate decently. Use as simple language as possible and strictly “Say No to Flowery Language” without any content. One of the very important thing which we must follow while writing answers is our ability to interlink the Paper one and Paper two together. For this, you must remember the syllabus completely.